Showers, Bathtubs & Glass – OH MY!


The housing market is crazy right now! If you have recently moved and are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, or even if you want to upgrade your current home to get ready to sell – making sure that your bathroom is updated and looking good as new will make it more appealing to buyers! Glass is becoming more and more popular throughout home, especially bathrooms.

Glass Showers

When deciding to renovate your shower, glass is an insanely popular option. More and more people are choosing to ditch the shower curtains and builder-grade bathtub shower combos for stand alone, glass door showers.

Adding a glass shower to your bathroom comes with many advantages. Not only is it more appealing to the eye, but it will also make your bathroom – a room not always perfectly lit – much lighter. Glass showers open the line of sight and really brighten up the aesthetic of the room.

Glass showers look better. With no walls, shower curtains, or enclosed space for the shower, it adds to the look of the bathroom and reduces mold and mildew significantly. Since there are no shower walls to scrub away soap scum and hard water stains, a simple squeegee, or a good wipe down with bathroom cleaner allow for much easier cleaning and maintenance.

What to Consider

When thinking about converting your generic shower to a glass shower, there are things to consider! How do you want your shower enclosure to look? Do you want the shower to be framed? Frameless? Each consideration depends on your personal preference.

If you want your bathroom to have a minimalist, clean, and bright look, the less the better! Frameless glass showers offer this option. If this is the right fit for you, the frameless glass will be held together by either U Channels or metal clips. Depending on how you are putting your bathroom shower together, frames might be the best option for you.

The type of glass to consider is also something to remember. Do you want totally clear glass, obscure, or patterned glass? These are all preferences to the person who will be using the bathroom!

The thickness of the glass is important – most range from 5/32” to 1/2” thick. While ½” thick is the best looking, it can be heavy, which poses its own issues structurally. Make sure the builder or contractor doing the job double checks these considerations as they are crucial to the success of the build!

Frank Wright Glass: Antique Glass Repair & Custom Glass Work

Separating your bathtub/shower combo and going for a stand-alone glass shower adds so much aesthetic to a bathroom. Not only does it look brighter, but the glass look is so in right now! Find out why Frank Wright Glass has been an industry leader for over 90 years.  Frank Wright is referred to by other repair shops due to his high-quality leaded glass repair.  You can wholeheartedly trust the expert team at Frank Wright Glass when you need repairs for custom glass work.  Frank Wright Glass does it the only way it should be done — by hand!

Restore the beauty of your leaded & stained glass, or get expert advice for decorating your home or business, by trusting Frank Wright Glass to give your prized pieces new life.  We treat every stained-glass restoration assignment with care and precision.

So, why use an impersonal middleman?  Come right to the source and work with the devoted craftsmen at Frank Wright Glass.  We perform many glass-related jobs like fine glass crystal repair, mirror resilveringhand beveling glassglass shower doors and tub enclosures, and more.

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