Find out why Frank Wright Glass is one of the most highly respected companies in their field.


Find out why Frank Wright Glass has been an industry leader for over 80 years. If you have a mirror that needs to be restored and resilvered, if your fine crystal is chipped and in need of repair, if you're looking for a custom designed bath enclosure, shower door, glass table or mirror, Frank Wright Glass does it the only way it should be done: by hand.

Glass beveling involves creating angled surfaces (bevels) on glass surfaces, and these bevels act as prisms that catch light and produce dazzling colors. There are no longer many companies that offer hand beveling glass services, but Frank Wright Glass can provide a large variety of edges on your custom glass work. The graphic on the left shows some of many options available when choosing glass.

Glass can be beveled between 1/2" to 1 1/2" or any size in between. On thicker glass with a straight edge the bevel can range between 38 and 45 degrees.

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