How Mirror Resilvering Brings Out the Best of Your Mirrors


Ever notice your vintage mirror is starting to fade, show dark spots, or has been scratched and scoffed over the years?  Is this a family heirloom or a valuable antique you feel you should keep and cherish?  There is a solution for you!  Frank Wright Glass specializes in both glass and mirror repair work that breathes new life even in the most antique and delicate of mirrored pieces out there.

If a mirror is exposed to moisture, it will discolor and show progressive signs of fading.  It might be from a bathroom's steam, pouring water on it, the sheer age of the mirror, or even poor cleaning.  We recommend cleaning your glass with ammonia-free alcohol or even lens cleaner to make sure you are not progressively deteriorating the condition of the mirror.

So, to get a better idea of how this kind of restoration process works, look no further than the specialists right here at Frank Wright Glass!  Let’s walk you through some important steps before you go and do it yourself and potentially cause more damage to your mirror than what was existing.

What Is Mirror Resilvering & How Does It Work?

Resilvering is required when vintage mirrors get streaky and black patches start to emerge in different areas of the piece.  This procedure is great for antique mirrors and family heirlooms since it provides a dark and damaged mirror the fresh restoration while keeping the mirror's authenticity.

Silvering is a time-consuming procedure that transforms glass into a mirror.  Silvering is used in the business world to manufacture toughened glass mirrors and to silver bend bits of glass to transform them form mirrors.  Mirror resilvering is not a do-it-yourself project.  DIY-ers will actually touch up their mirror resilvering spray, but the results are usually disappointing.  To properly resilver a mirror, the original mirror backing must be removed entirely and a fresh chemical coating of silver added.

Below is a brief list of a general mirror resilvering we will perform here at Frank Wright Glass:

  • Glass will be properly cleaned and prepared.
  • Contaminants will be removed.
  • Silver will be poured by hand.
  • Apply protective backing coating.
  • Brand-new silver finishing.
  • Keep family heirlooms safe.

Trust the Professionals When Handling Mirrors and Glassware

When done by hand, mirror resilvering is a hard and time-consuming operation, which is why there aren't many businesses that do the service today.  Our craftsmen can restore the brilliance and sheen to your antique or vintage mirrors, and we take great satisfaction in our mirror resilvering work at Frank Wright.  Mirrored furniture and other objects with reflecting surfaces are also repaired by us.  Located in Harper Woods, we proudly serve Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Discover why Frank Wright Glass has been a leader in the business for decades.  If you know you need a mirror resilvering or mirror restoration, whether the mirror is cracked or just needs some love and care, or if you want a custom shower door, bath enclosure, glass table, or other mirror, Frank Wright Glass handles it all by hand.

Frank Wright Glass: Custom Glass Work, Stained Glass Repair, & Crystal Glass Repair in Detroit

For almost 90 years, Frank Wright Glass has been a Detroit pioneer in antique and stained glass repair.  The specialists here at Frank Wright has been renowned for our exemplary skills as a result of our premium glass repair services.  In addition to stained glass work, the expert team at Frank Wright can handle antique glass repairs, mirror resilvering, and crystal repairs in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Restore the beauty of your antique glass, apply beautiful mirror beveling to your bathroom or hallway, and seek professional advice on how to design your home or business.  Frank Wright can give heirloom treasures or beautiful glassware a fresh lease on life.  Each specialty glass repair is done with precision and care.  Frank Wright makes it by hand as well, as it is the only way it can be done!

So, why would you use a middleman you don't trust?  Work with the dedicated craftsmen at Frank Wright Glass.  Fine glass crystal repair, mirror re-silvering, hand beveling glass, glass shower doors, and tub enclosures, and other methods of repairing glass are among the services we provide.

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